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Replacement Policy at Kaamwaalibai.com

Steps to be followed are as follows:

  • Visit Kaamwaalibai.com
  • Sign In
  • Go to MY ACCOUNT
  • UPDATE STATUS by selecting the drop down against CANDIDATE’S name
  • ADD REMARKS in the text box
  • Or you can directly mail to our Customer Service Dept. with your UNIQUE CUSTOMER/ CLIENT ID provided by Kaamwaalibai.com

Important Notes:

  • During the trial period of 5 days one replacement is permissible. The reason for the replacement should be justified.
  • The replacement can take place if the candidate refuses to do a task as agreed between the parties prior to their appointment.
  • Misbehaviour by a candidate (such cases will be investigated by our concerned team and once the candidate is found guilty of her/ his conduct, the replacement will be done accordingly).
  • Incase the candidate is guilty of his/ her conduct and leaves without prior notice, the investigation will take place by the concerned team to divulge the reasons post which the replacement can be done.

Please also note that for the above you get 1 replacement during the tenure of 6 months and 2 in a year.

*Replacement can be done only if we find the maid guilty; the discretion to replace the maid lies with Kaamwaalibai.co. A thorough investigation will take place in all cases.

*The client is at a liberty to engage an alternate facility incase the maid appointed by Kaamwaalibai.com goes on leave without their (Client’s) consent.

*The client needs to keep Kaamwaalibai.com team updated regards to any service related issues as and when it occurs so that the same can be resolved at the earliest.

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